Megmeet® systems take the benefits of progressive cavity pumps to lift a wide range of viscous fluids and maximizes their operation with an intelligent downhole Permanent Magnet Motor and sensor system. Freed of downhole rods, the Megmeet® Synchro-Smart™ System widens the applications for PCP’s to deviated and horizontal wells.

Reliable Proven Performance

Megmeet Synchro-Smart systems have been operating reliably for three years in the China oilfields. Synchro-Smart remote monitoring allows the Megmeet team to continuously track the systems performance and identify system upgrades.

Innovational Development

Megmeet has five R&D centers focused on advanced research and productization. Megmeet engineers have developed a down hole motor control for deep wells, with accurate speed control and long operational life. To date, Synchro-Smart™  system has 25 patents.

Highest Quality

Megmeet has three ISO 9001 production facilities utilizing  an integrated Manufacturing Execution System supporting component traceability, test data management and efficient scheduling.


Energy efficient artificial lift method with low environmental impact

The Synchro-Smart™ Rodless PCP System is an intelligent system capable of dynamically selecting operational parameters to optimize production output.  Driven by an electric submersible permanent magnet motor, the progressing cavity pump push up fluids at the maximum flow rate at the lowest pressure drop.  The close proximity of the motor to the pump, and the continuous gentle pumping action and the synchronous permanent magnet motor result in lower energy usage and lower OPEX.

The Synchro-Smart™ System is beneficial in wells with heavy viscous oil, higher sand content, or higher gas content where ESP systems can be degraded.  The submersible pump design alleviates mechanical wear from sucker rods and the production tubing in directional or horizontal wells. With a surface footprint of only 5 m2 the landscape is minimally affected and avoids the fluid leakage inherent to pump jacks.

  • Heavy oil
  • High viscosity oil
  • Deviated and Horizontal wells
  • Low flow rate and unstable inflow wells
  • High density well placement
  • Increased profitability with high efficiency, low energy consumption
  • Lower operational cost which brings non-producing wells back to production
  • Close proximity well placement to maximize reservoir access
  • Eco-friendly operations with low acoustic noise and soil contamination

Synchro-Smart™ Artificial Lift

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Synchro-Smart™ Control and Communications Cabinet

Synchro-Smart Control and Communications Cabinet

houses the Synchro-Smart intelligent control system, the variable speed drive and the wireless communications module.  The digital closed loop control system can be set to maintain constant dynamic fluid level or constant pump speed, and monitor equipment performance.


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Down Hole Sensor

Down Hole Sensor continuously measures well conditions including pressure, temperature, and vibration.


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Synchro-Smart™ Permanent Magnet Motors

Synchro-Smart Permanent Magnet Motors range from 4 kW to 22 kW to efficiently drives the Synchro-SmartRodless PCP system.


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Seal Section  protects the motor from well fluid.

Flex-Shaft Assembly

Flex-Shaft Assembly  couples  the seal shaft and the pump rotor to compensate for the eccentric rotation of the pump rotor.  The FSA also dampens the resulting vibration.

Progressing Cavity Pump

Progressing Cavity Pump gently moves fluid up very efficiently.  Megmeet engineering selects the appropriate model based on fluid composition, pressure requirements, and well conditions.  PCP’s are effective for lower flow rates, viscous oil, sand laden fluids and gassy wells.  Additionally, they are appropriate when emulsion is a concern due to the low internal shear rates.


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