Case Studies

Synchro-Smart™ Rodless PCP Saves Operator 75% In Energy Usage
  • Synchro-Smart Rodless PCP system replaced ESP
  • Production held steady at 158 BOPD
  • Deviated well with 62.5 degree inclination
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Synchro-Smart™ Rodless PCP Restarts Production in Inactive Well
  • Inactive well for 2 years due to high cost of production is producing 90 BOPD
  • Energy consumption reduced 80% from former level
  • Achieved 600+ days runtime
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Synchro-Smart™ Rodless PCP Well Production Increased 90% While Energy Consumption Reduced 96%
  • A rod pump was producing an average of 28 BOPD and increased production to an average of 53 BOPD after Synchro-Smart™ installation
  • Energy consumption reduced from 1512 kWhr/day to 53 kWhr/day.
  • Achieved 365+ days runtime
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Synchro-Smart™ Rodless PCP Lifts Heavy Fluid at 6,900 ft Depth
  • Low maintenance production for pump set at 6,900 feet (2,100m)
  • Environmentally friendly with low acoustic noise and low soil contamination
  • Daily output of 57 BOPD
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Synchro-Smart™ Rodless PCP Enables High Density Well Placement
  • Environmentally responsible low soil contamination
  • Low energy consumption
  • High density well placement as close as 6 m
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